Tool Steels

Tool Steels are used in hot and cold shaping such as drilling, cutting, bending, injection, and extrusion of materials such as metals and plastics. Due to their areas of use, expectations from the mechanical properties of tool steels are different from other steels and more specific. They are expected to maintain their mechanical properties (rigidity, toughness, ductility, wear resistance etc.) when shaping challenging materials under high pressures, loads, and temperatures.

At Tiangong International, we manufacture hot work Tool steels, cold work Tool steels, plastic Mold Tool steels, and powder metallurgy steels for all applications. We use international standards in manufacturing and rank as #1 in terms of manufacturing capacity.

Hot Work
Tool Steels

Hot Work Tool steels preserve their rigidity and strength at high temperatures and have high toughness and hot wear capacity. They are expected to endure thermal loads and thermal fatigue.

These properties cannot be achieved merely through chemical analysis. As technology progressed, the quality of steels increased with new manufacturing methods such as ESR and mold performances increased in metal injection, extrusion, hot forging, and hot shaping applications.

The patented product TGE23 developed by Tiangong for processes involving high temperature and pressure offers a performance exceeding our expectations in forging and extrusion applications – particularly in metal injection – with its high temperature endurance, high wear resistance, and high toughness.

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