Tool Steels

Tool Steels are used in hot and cold shaping such as drilling, cutting, bending, injection, and extrusion of materials such as metals and plastics. Due to their areas of use, expectations from the mechanical properties of tool steels are different from other steels and more specific. They are expected to maintain their mechanical properties (rigidity, toughness, ductility, wear resistance etc.) when shaping challenging materials under high pressures, loads, and temperatures.

At Tiangong International, we manufacture hot work Tool steels, cold work Tool steels, plastic Mold Tool steels, and powder metallurgy steels for all applications. We use international standards in manufacturing and rank as #1 in terms of manufacturing capacity.

Cold Work
Tool Steels

Expectations are continuously increased from cold work steels used in cold shaping methods such as cutting, bending, forming, and drilling. The industry is heading towards using special tool steels with the best wear resistance as well as very high toughness. To meet this need, in addition to known basic steels, Tiangong has developed the special patented TGX8 and TGX10 products.

TG also performs manufacturing with the “Spray Forming” method of steels manufactured using conventional methods in TG factories to meet this need.  The Spray Forming method is based on atomizing liquid tool steel alloys using a gas. The atomized liquid metal droplets head towards and collide into a cooling surface. The effect of the impact flattens them and they stack as small disks and harden. This manufacturing method enables us to offer more cost-effective products with higher wear resistance and toughness.

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