Jiangsu Tiangong International Co., Ltd. is a large export-focused Chinese enterprise established in 1981, with an area of 1.3 million square-meters and more than 8 billion Yuans in total assets.

Tiangong International Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of Tool Steels, cutting steels, and CNC tools. It serves the global manufacturing industry with drill tools and tool steels.

Based in China, Jiangsu Tiangong Int. is a global manufacturer of Tool steels, high-speed steels, cutting tools, and titanium alloys. It ranks #1 in manufacturing volume in Tool steel and high-speed steel. TG International guarantees to supply faultless and high-quality steels with its state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment in its facilities.

Established under the partnership of TG and the Chinese Iron & Steel Research Institute, the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute aims to develop new materials and conduct performance tests on existing materials.

The M7 molybdenum high-speed steel – a TG product – was approved as a “National Torch Program” and a “Jiangsu State High-Technology Product” and entered the “Chinese High Technological Products Catalog”. The M42 high-speed steel was registered as a “Jiangsu State Science and Technology Project” and a “National Torch Program”. In 2005, TG high-speed steels became a Jiangsu State “Torch Project” and the M1 high-speed steel was approved as a “National Key New Products 2005” project.

The TG brand holds the “China Top Brand” award. The company’s credit note is AAA and maintains its status as a high-credit national enterprise. It holds the titles of “National Key High Technology Corporation” and the “Jiangsu Key Private Technology Corporation”. It was also confirmed to rank #1 in the national metal tool manufacturing industry.

TG highly prioritizes R&D activities. It has direct relationships with the Steel Research Institute, the Southeastern University, the Nanjing Science University and many other deep-rooted institutions. It has jointly established an HSS Research Center with the Iron Steel Research Institute and an HSS and Tool Engineering Technology Research Center with the Southeastern University. It has also established a post-doc research station in the state of Jiangsu and paved the way for many qualified inventions, innovations, and strong and practical solutions.

Tiangong International is China’s largest tool steel and cutting tool exporter in the private steel industry with its manufacturing, stock, export, and sales power. TG’s international brand has become a global leader in its field. The Tiangong International Middle East office established by TG International has become an important stock hub to further increase its activities in Turkey, the Middle East, Caucasia, and Northern Africa.


Tiangong established.


HSS cutting tools manufacturing started.


HSS steel manufacturing started.


The “Top 10 Exporter” title received and maintained in subsequent years.


The “New Outstanding and High Technology Enterprise” title received.


Tool Steel manufacturing started.


The “Number 1 Enterprise in the People’s Republic of China Metal Tools Manufacturing Industry” title received.


Quoted in the stock exchange.


Titanium manufacturing started.


Tiangong Turkey office established with the title TG Middle East.


#1 in global HSS manufacturing and #4 in Tool Steel manufacturing in terms of volume.

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